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Lynden, Washington, 98264
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deWilde's Wholesale Nursery, Inc.

Located in Lynden, WA, deWilde's Wholesale Nursery, Inc. has been in business for 60+ years. We are a wholesale nursery grower that is family owned and operated. We currently consist of 260 planted acres and have refined our growing practices of pruning and staking with special attention on root pruning and transplanting. These techniques produce high quality nursery stock, and still allows us to sell at very competitive prices.

deWilde's Potted Nursery Stock Specialty

deWilde's nursery material consists of deciduous shade, flowering, fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, and also conifer trees and shrubs of high quality.  Our specialty is growing, digging and selling balled in burlap ( B&B ) nursery stock.  We also dig our material Bare Root ( BR ) , and have started a B&B in a pot and established in a pot tree program.  Many of the ornamental shrubs, groundcovers and grasses  grown and sold at deWilde's come in containers.  We are currently shipping to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Alberta and British Columbia.


deWilde's propagates nearly 95% of our stock using soft and hardwood cuttings, field grafting and field budding methods. We believe this provides our customers with the finest quality nursery stock without exception.


Our Unique Microclimate

The microclimate that our wholesale nursery is located experiences Arctic fronts from the Northeast that push our lows into the single digits, which makes our nursery stock ideal for locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Kansas, Canada and other areas where the winter temperatures dip into the lower temperatures.

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