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Lynden, Washington, 98264
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NOTICE! Please read important digging information for the Spring 2015 Season

Spring has hit the Pacific Northwest about a month earlier than normal. Our window to dig plant material is rapidly closing, as much of our stock is pushing new growth. Approximate dates for digging seasons are...
Flowering trees - Season closed
Shade trees - Season will close March 13th or 20th
Conifer trees - Season will close March 27th or April 3rd
Broadleaf plants - Season will close March 27th or April 3rd
Rhododendrons - no close date
Containerized material - no close date
If you have any new plant orders to place please contact us soon!

deWilde's Wholesale Nursery, Inc.

Located in Lynden, WA, deWilde's Wholesale Nursery, Inc. has been in business for 60+ years. We are a wholesale nursery grower that is family owned and operated. 
We currently consist of 260 planted acres and have refined our growing practices of pruning and staking with special attention on root pruning and transplanting. These techniques produce high quality nursery stock, and still allows us to sell at very competitive prices.
deWilde's Wholesale Nursery, Inc. | 6930 Old Guide Road, Lynden, WA 98264 | | 360.398.1960